Weekly Review for Miami Lawyer and Florida Legal News for Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekly Review for Miami Lawyer and Florida Legal News for Monday, October 12, 2015Here are some recent articles of interest that I found this week related to law practice management, law technology, and legal marketing. Enjoy!

Florida Law Updates: Florida House reviews open carry gun law today
A bill that would let people in Florida carry their guns out in the open is up for its first debate on Tuesday.
How to stop gun violence in Florida will be all the talk in Tallahassee as members of the Legislature look at a bill (HB 163) that would let people wear their guns on their hips in most places, including out shopping with their families.
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Florida Law Update: New Florida laws that went into effect on October 1st
27 new laws are going into effect today in the state.
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Florida Practice Management Tips: Writing the Great Lawyer Bio
The About page on your law firm website is probably the second-most visited page. Make sure you do it justice by writing a bio that engages your audience. How you go about writing your bio is not as challenging as you may think — as long as you are willing to approach it correctly.
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Florida Legal Practice Tips: Engage your audience with good visuals
I have been to my fair share of conferences. Most are fine, if unmemorable. You check-in, making sure to sign the CLE sheet, and grab a cup of coffee before settling in for a session. If the wi-fi actually works, most of the session ends up getting taken up with responding to emails — unless you are feeling a little lazy, in which case you run through your go-to series of websites (which hopefully includes ATL), hoping to catch an interesting article. Eventually it is time for lunch, and after you attend a session or two in the afternoon, cocktail hour arrives.
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Florida Practice of Law: Reciprocity and Admission by Motion debate continues
Twenty-four speakers came to the microphone at the Bar’s September 18 public hearing on admission by motion with reciprocity for out-of-state lawyers and, when they finished speaking after almost two hours, the message was clear — they don’t like the idea.
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