Florida Insurance Claim Denial Cases

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insurance claim deniedFlorida Insurance Claim Denial

Many valid Hurricane Irma claims are being denied or underpaid as a matter of course by Florida insurance companies. Nothing could be worse after the effects of a catastrophic storm like Hurricane Irma. It is one thing to be damaged by a storm, and then another to be taken advantage of by your insurance company. However, just because your Florida insurance claim was denied does not mean that the denial was correct.

Level the Playing Field

You see, a financial motivation exists for an insurance company to deny a claim since the denial of an otherwise valid claim means greater profits for the company. Likewise, some employees at adjusting firms or the insurance companies themselves may receive greater pay or bonuses for closing out claims faster or just denying them straight away. Insurance companies have many years of experience in denying claims and almost unlimited resources for hiring lawyers and experts to fight you. But not all is lost, you can get the help you need to level the playing field.

The Broken Promise

An insurance policy is an insurance contract between you and the insurance company. In the insurance contract, the insurance company has agreed to pay you in the event certain damages occur to your home or its contents. In exchange for that promise, you pay the insurance company a premium each and every year whether or not you have an insurance claim. When the insurance company refuses to pay you for a valid insurance claim, they have broken their promise to you. You can hold the insurance company responsible for their broken promise by pursuing your legal remedies in court. If you succeed, not only will you get what you are owed but as provided by Florida law, your attorney's legal fees will be paid by the insurance company.

Get a Second Opinion

When in doubt, never accept a denial from your insurance company. Get a second opinion by consulting an experienced Florida insurance lawyer as well as hiring a licensed Florida public adjuster to document the true value of your damages. If you have questions as to your rights or how to hire a public adjuster, please feel free to contact us with your questions. Our mission is to provide free pro bono legal advice to those affected by Hurricane Irma as long as needed. 

About the AuthorPatrick Russell, Esq., has been a member of The Florida Bar since 1994 and is an experienced Florida insurance lawyer. Patrick started his insurance law practice more than twenty years ago when he represented homeowners and business owners for their Hurricane Andrew insurance claims. The purpose of this article is educational and not for the solicitation of legal services. The goal is to avoid the mistakes learned from the past, specifically those from previous windstorms. Knowledge is power. Information is free. Mistakes are costly. If you would like more tips on how to process your Florida insurance claim, Patrick can be reached at (305) 608-2977 or here.


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