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Who We Are

RUSSELL | LAW was founded in 1997 by Patrick Russell, Esq., a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law. Already a Hurricane, Patrick's final year of law school was interrupted by Hurricane Andrew. Only a few years later, Patrick would spend substantially all of his time representing homeowners whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Andrew.

As a true Hurricane lawyer, Patrick has developed substantial expertise in Florida insurance law and windstorm claims. In more than two decades of legal experience, Patrick has represented both insurance companies and property owners in a countless number of insurance claims. A small sampling of some of those matters can be found in Results.


What We Do

•  We provide homeowners and business owners with valuable information and tips for how to process a Florida insurance claim with your insurance company.  Believe it or not, this is not a solicitation for legal services. When it comes to Hurricane Irma insurance claims, our pro bono mission is to educate not litigate.

•  We know that navigating a complex insurance policy is no easy task. Just the same, your insurance company does not make this process all that easy for you. Knowledge is power, and our ultimate mission is to provide you with that knowledge so you can obtain what you are rightfully owed.

•  Examples include how to mitigate your damages, document the cause of loss, inventory your damages, and handle the insurance company's adjusters and requests for information. Likewise, we can tell you why working with a public adjuster is the best decision you can make to ensure your insurance claim is successful. Finally, we can provide you with your options if an insurance company denies your claim or if you believe they underpaid the damages.

•  Insurance companies will not allow you to pay 60% of your premiums, so why would you allow them to pay you 60% of what you are owed?


Insurance companies use adjusters, data, and lawyers to defend against insurance claims,

don't you think you should have knowledge on your side to level the playing field? 



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