Property Insurance Claims


Who We Are

RUSSELL | LAW was founded in 1997 by Patrick Russell, Esq., a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law. Already a Hurricane, Patrick's final year of law school was ironically interrupted by Hurricane Andrew. Only a few years later, Patrick would spend substantially all of his time representing homeowners whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Andrew. In more than two decades of experience, Patrick has developed substantial expertise in Florida insurance law having represented both insureds and insurance companies. RUSSELL | LAW exclusively represents property owners for their Florida insurance claims against insurance companies.


What We Do

We help property owners obtain what they are rightfully owed as damages for a Florida insurance claim from their insurance company. From the beginning, we will help you document, file, and process your insurance claim with the insurance company. We will work with a loss consultant or a public adjuster on your behalf to itemize and value your damages. During the claims process, we will be your contact point and advocate with the insurance company. Every step of the way, we are here to answer your questions and to respond to the insurance company's requests for information. Should the insurance company refuse to compensate you fairly, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf to fight for your rights and what you are owed.


Insurance companies use lawyers to defend against insurance claims, don't you think you should have a Florida insurance lawyer on your side? 



News / Updates

Heading back down to the Keys to help out after #Irma. The recovery will be slow and long. One day at a time.… https://t.co/nztrW3HEoV
@NybergPI Already back down. Been here for three days. Maybe on the next trip. Thanks!
Spent the day volunteering in Marathon Florida for Hurricane relief. Devastation is surreal. #Irma #keysrecovery https://t.co/2coTkGjJuG
Anyone willing to lend shovels, saws, chainsaws, etc., for the #keysrecovery? We are going today.
We need contractor bags, gloves, water, snacks to take to the Florida Keys today! #irma #keysrecovery
I am assembling a team to head down to the Florida Keys today for Hurricane relief & supplies. We can bring your donations. #IrmaRecovery
Direct hit from #Irma is looking more likely. #IrmaHurricane2017 Models starting to agree: https://t.co/ESFoQaEalf
As a former and long-time insurance claim lawyer, I can answer your questions after the storm. Stay safe! #Irma
Protect yourself in case of a storm surge. Place valuables in water tight containers and store them high up off the floor. #Irma
In Miami, document your house, car, electronics and other valuables with photos! #Irma