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Miamilawyer1.com was founded in 2001 and is authored, managed and sponsored by a select and diverse group of Miami lawyers who have different practice areas and specialties. 

Each participating Miami Lawyer shares the highest standards for ethics and professionalism. Each lawyer listed here has their own legal practice. They all strive to respond to client calls and communications as soon as possible, often within the same business day. Likewise, each Miami Lawyer will respond to you directly, treating you like a person and not a number. If you want personal, prompt and competent legal help, then you have come to the right place. 


What We Do

On this site, you will be able to find Florida legal information and a Miami Lawyer to help you with Florida business law, Florida contract law, Florida debt collection, Florida fraud law, Florida insurance law, Florida personal injury, and Florida real estate law.  Recently we have added Florida Intellectual Property law including a Miami Copyright Lawyer, Miami Patent Lawyer and a Miami Trademark Lawyer.


For Florida Court and litigation cases, you can receive help for collection matters and judgment enforcement from a Miami Debt Collection Lawyer; contract disputes and commercial litigation from a Miami Contract Lawyer; fraud claims and identity theft from a Miami Fraud Lawyer; homeowner insurance claims from a Miami Insurance Lawyer; landlord-tenant cases from a Miami Eviction Lawyer; and personal injury and wrongful death claims from a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer.


For Florida transactional legal work, you can receive help for business start-ups, corporate work, and incorporation from a Miami Business Lawyer; and commercial and residential lease drafting, property deeds and real estate closings from a Miami Real Estate Lawyer.



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