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As Miami lawyers, we analyze legal problems, provide options, offer solutions, and represent businesses and individuals in Court for legal matters involving Florida business law, Florida contract law, Florida insurance law and Florida real estate law.  

Most of the time that means we enforce your rights and fight for what you are rightfully owed.  In doing so, we help our clients with unpaid insurance claims, contract disputes, collection issues, fraud claims, and judgment enforcement.  For transactional work, we assist with business start-ups, contract drafting, leases, and property deed drafting and recording.

Our service is prompt, professional and responsive as you should expect.  We respond to client calls and communications immediately or within the same business day.  As a client, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your legal matter is being personally handled and not ignored.

Because of the total dedication and attention that we provide to our clients, what we do not do is answer legal questions, solve legal problems, or give free legal advice to non-clients.  If you are looking for free legal services and you qualify financially, you may contact a local legal aid organization or you can review any one of the numerous legal reference sites online for help. 

Just remember that legal problems rarely go away on their own.  Generally legal problems get bigger with time as they are ignored or mismanaged.  In the end, this often means you end up paying more later to solve the same problem that has now become more complex.  

How We Are Different

Bigger is not better but often it costs more. Big firms charge you big retainers and high hourly fees in order to pay for their expensive overhead. Russell Law is lean and green, meaning we run a paperless cloud-based business.  We can do everything that a big firm can but just more efficiently and we pass those savings on to you.

Ask us about our alternative to hourly billing in which we quote fixed fees for tasks and cases.  Our unique a la carte billing puts you truly in control of your case and avoids the surprise of a large monthly legal bill.  We use no nonsense billing practices and do not pad legal bills with copy charges, postage or fax costs.

If you have an unpaid or denied Florida insurance claim, you do not have to pay us any upfront legal fees or costs.  In fact, we do not even take a portion of your insurance claim or damages as legal fees either.  Rather, we get paid statutory legal fees from the insurance company at the end of your insurance case.  

Unlike a big firm, Russell Law provides you with personal attention, frequent updates and prompt service. We use an online case management system and our clients are able to view their case status and documents whenever they like. You should expect more from your lawyer, and delivering that is our mission each and every day.

Florida Military VeteransIf you are a U.S. Veteran or Active Military Service Member, be sure to ask us about our Discounted Florida Legal Services for Veterans

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