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Since 1997, we have assisted Florida small and medium businesses as well as individuals with their Florida legal needs.  As Miami lawyers, we concentrate our work in the related areas of Florida business law, Florida contract law, Florida insurance law and Florida real estate law.  For Florida Court cases, we prosecute or defend cases in Court that involve collection matters, contract disputes, fraud and identify theft, judgment enforcement and unpaid insurance claims.  For Florida transactional work, we assist with business start-ups, contract drafting, corporate work, leases, and property deed drafting and recording.

How We Are Different

Our service is prompt, professional and responsive as you deserve.  You will be treated as a person and not as a number.  We respond to client calls and communications immediately or within the same business day.  As a paperless office, clients have 24/7 online access to their case, documents and status.  You will have the peace of mind knowing that your legal matter is being cared for and not ignored.

Bigger is not better but often it costs more. Big firms charge you big retainers and high hourly fees in order to pay for their expensive overhead. We can do everything that a big firm can but just more efficiently and we pass those savings on to you. Ask us about our alternative to hourly billing in which we can quote fixed fees for tasks and cases.  We use no nonsense billing practices and do not pad legal bills with copy charges, postage or fax costs.  

You should expect more from your Florida lawyer, and delivering that is our mission each and every day.

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